01 I'm thinking about redecorating my bedroom. 我在考虑重新装修卧室。

I'm thinking about…我正在考虑…例:I'm thinking about repainting the walls and changing the pictures.我在考虑把墙重新刷一遍,把画也换掉。

02 He bought a villa on easy terms 他分期付款购买了一栋别墅。  on easy terms : 以分期付款的方式…  例:He bought two sets of furniture on easy terms.他分期付款购买了两套家具。He bought a house with a garden on easy terms.他分期付款买了一座带花园的房子。 
03 How do you make new friends? 你是怎么交新朋友的?   make friends:交朋友  例:I don't like to make friends with people who aren't honest.我不喜欢和不诚实的人交朋友。Maybe people don't like to make friends that are all the same.也许人们不喜欢总是交一样的朋友吧。 
04 I know Mike's wife. We're on a first-name basis 我认识麦克的太太,我们很熟。  We're on a first-name basis.我们很熟。例:I know this movie star. In fact, We're on a first-name basis.我认识这位影星,其实我们很熟。My English teacher is from America. We're on a first-name basis.我的英语老师来自美国,我们很熟。 
05 We have no dealing with a selfish man. 我们不与自私的人交往。   have no dealing with…不与…交往。例:We have no dealing with a shortsighted man.我们不跟目光短浅的人交往。We have no dealing with a narrow-minded man.我们不与心胸狭窄的人交往。 
06 I look on him as my bosom friend. 我把他当成我的知己。   look on sb. as…把某人当成….例:I look on him as my brother.我把他当成我的兄弟。 I look on him as my good teacher and friend.我把他当成我的良师益友。 
07 Are you available on Friday evening? 星期五晚上你有空吗?   Are you available ? 你有空吗?例:Is Mr. Li available?李先生现在有空吗? I want to talk to Mike. Is he available?我想和麦克谈谈,他有空吗? 
08 Sure.Name the time. 你说个时间吧。   Name the time.说个时间吧。 例:OK.Name the time.好的,你说个时间吧。Sure.Name the time and place.当然可以,你说个时间和地点吧。 
09 How stirring! 太令人激动了! How…!太/真…!   例:How exciting!太令人激动了!How surpring!多么令人惊讶啊!How astonishing!多么令人吃惊啊!
10 Traffic jams drive me nuts. 交通堵塞使我难受。   drive me nuts…使我难受  例:Long speech drives me nuts.冗长的讲话使我难受。Loud music drives me nuts.吵闹的音乐使我难受。Second-hand smoke drives me nuts.吸二手烟使我难受。People with bad breath drive me nuts.口臭的人使我难受。Too many TV ads drive me nuts.太多的电视广告使我难受。 
11 I agree in principle, but I've some other opinons.  原则上同意,但我还有些其他看法。  I agree in priciple,but….我原则上同意,但是…  例:I agree in principle ,but I think we should make some changes.我原则上同意,但我认为我们还应进行一些修改。 
12 How do you feel about your girlfriend? 你觉得你的女友如何?   How do you feel about …? 你觉得...如何?  例:How do you feel about the movie last weekend? 你觉得上周末的电影怎么样?How do you feel about the car that we latest designed? 你觉得我们最新设计的这款汽车怎么样? 
13 I can see that. 这我明白。  I can see … 我明白… 例:I can see what you are talking about.我明白你所讲的。I can see where you're coming from.我明白你的意思。 
14 Don't hog the bathroom. 别占着卫生间了。   Don't hog … 别贪求…  例:Don't hog my girlfriend. 别缠着我的女朋友了。Don't hog the shower. 别占着浴室了。Don't hog the couch.不要贪心地拿那张沙发。 
15 I have a real weakness for chocolate ice cream. 我偏爱巧克力冰淇淋。   I have a real weakness for… 我对… 有偏爱。  例:I have a real weakness for kittens,puppies and chicks.我对小猫、小狗和小鸡有偏爱。 
16 That's really tough, don't give up.  真不幸,别放弃! That's really tough, don't … 真不幸,别…   例:That's really tough, don't lose heart.真不幸,别泄气。That's really tough, don't give up hope.真不幸,别灰心。That's really tough, don't feel depressed.真不幸,别沮丧。 
17 They praised me for my bravery. 他们表扬我,因为我勇敢。 They praised me for …   他们表扬我,因为…   例:They praised me for my good job. 他们表扬我,因为我工作干得好。They praised me for my honesty. 他们表扬我,因为我诚实。They praised me for my important contributions. 他们表扬我,因为我的重要贡献。They praised me for my new achievements. 他们表扬我,因为我的新成绩。
18 Please accept my hearty congratulations. 请接受我最衷心的祝贺。   Please accept my … 请接受我… 例:Please accept my warmest congratulations.请接受我最热烈的祝贺。Please accept my warmest/heartiest congratulations on your being elected President.欣闻您当选为总裁,请接受我最热烈/衷心的祝贺。 
19 I'm worried about your mother's health. 我牵挂着你母亲的健康状况。  I'm worried about … 我很担心… 例:I'm worried about my sister's operation.我担心我妹妹的手术。 
20 How many employees are there in your company? 你们公司有多少员工?   How many… ...多少?例:How many members are there in your family? 你家有多少成员?How many people are there in your immediate family?只算父母子女你家有多少人?How many rooms are there in your house?你家有几间房子?How many different houses have you lived in? 你已经住过多少房子了? 
21 Do as I say.  照我说的做。  Do as … 照… 做 例:Do as I tell you.照我告诉你的做。Do as you're told.按你听到的做。 
22 I love your new three-piece suite 我喜欢你那三件套的新家具。  I like/love… 我喜欢…  例:I like sitting in my armchair listening to music.我喜欢坐在扶手椅里听音乐。I like putting my feet up and watching TV in the evening after work.晚上工作完后我喜欢把脚搁高点看电视。 
23 She's my best friend. 她是我最好的朋友。   She's my … 她是我…  例:She's my buddy. 她是我密友。She's my partner. 她是我搭档。She's my teammate 她是我队友。She's my schoolmate. 她是我校友。 

Is he your friend or just an acquaintance? 

他是你朋友还是仅仅认识而已?    Is…or…?是…还是…/只是…或者…. 例:Is she just a friend or is there something more between you? 她只是你的朋友或者你们有更深的关系?Is your personality similar or different from your friends? 你的个性跟你的朋友相似还是差很多?  
25 He won't be long.Please have a seat. 他马上过来,请先坐。  won't be long …马上就好。 例:Don't worry.He won't be long 不要急,他马上就好。Go on.I won't be long and I'll catch up with you at the gate. 你先走,我马上就好,我会在门口赶上你。He isn't in.He just stepped out for a minute,but he won't be long .Can I take a message?他不在,他刚出去一会,不过马上就会回来,要不要留言? 
26 Tom is on bad terms with his neighbours. 汤姆与邻居不和。   be on bad terms with… 与…不和。 例:Tom is on bad terms with his brothers. 汤姆与兄弟们不和。Tom is on bad terms with his colleagues. 汤姆与同事们不和。Tom is on bad terms with those young people. 汤姆与那些年轻人不和。 
27 Sounds good.I'm on my way. 听起来不错,我马上就去。   I'm on my way.我马上就去。Please don't rush me.I'm on my way.别催我,我这就去。Oh,only 20 minutes left.I'm on my way.噢,还有20分钟,我马上就动身。 
28 Sorry,I have something pressing. 我有急事。   I have something pressing. 我有急事。例:Sorry,I have something pressing.i have a doctor's appointment for a heart exam. 抱歉,我有点事,约了一位医生,准备检查一下心脏。Sorry,I have something pressing. I must go to a meeting now.抱歉,我有急事,必须赶去开会。I have something pressing.I have to take my child to her piano lesson.我有急事, 得带孩子去学钢琴了。I have something pressing.I have to run for the airplane.Let's talk about this matter on the phone.我有急事。我得赶飞机,我们在电话里讨论这事吧。 
29 I'd like to invite you to my new house for a visit. 我想请你到我的新房子看看。   I'd like to invite you to… 我想邀请你参加…   例:I'd like to invite you to our dancing party,are you free? 我想邀请你参加我们的晚会,有空吗?I'd like to invite you to our dress party tonight.Would you care to join us? 我想邀请你参加今晚的化妆舞会,你愿意参加吗? 
30 I'll take you up on that. 我接受你的这个邀请。   take up:To accept (an option, a bet, or a challenge) as offered 接受所提供的(一种选择、一笔赌注或一个挑战) 例:Let me check my schedule.OK,I'll take you up on that.让我看看我的时间表,好,我接受你的这个邀请。Thank you.I'll take you up on that.But I'll be a little late, is that OK?谢谢你,我接受你的邀请,但是我会晚到一会,可以吗?I'm sorry.I can't take you up on that.I happen to be on a trip this Sunday.很抱歉,我不能接受你的邀请,我这儿星期日正好要出差。 


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